If you’ve recently been promoted or hired in a new position, your new reality may not be sitting well with you. This post aims to help you better understand the emotions you may be struggling with and, with any luck, calm the self-doubting voice in your head.

Navigating big change

Very often, a major life change can bring negative thoughts, and seeds emotions which can undermine performance. A new job, a big promotion, or a competitive workplace can elicit negative feelings in many people, and our brains seem incapable of defending against this wave of negative energy.

This negative energy sometimes might come from those around us, but it may not: that’s a false belief. The truth is that the heart and the mind don’t always see eye to eye. When people are forced from their comfort zone, fear of failure can take hold, steering them down a path they’d be best not travelling.

Coaching as a solution

As a personal and professional coach, I have the strategies and training to help guide you through such a change, improving your outlook significantly, and most importantly, your future outcome.

Together we will approach the challenges you face from a 360° perspective. No stone will be left unturned. Although the issue may be easily ascertained, the right path for you is never quite as easy. The nature of your fear and self-doubt may stem from a lack of skill (which can be learned), or a lack of self-confidence (which we can build).

Formulating a plan of action

Suffice it to say, inaction ensures the status quo. You won’t overcome your issues unless you put in the effort to change your mindset. I will teach you how to “map across” features and elements from a resourceful state or situation into one where you desire change  (like using copy and paste in a Word document). Applying this method can help you shine in your new job or simply raise your performance in your current role.

Executing a change in you

From your plan, you will soon see a change in your thinking, your attitude, and your overall satisfaction with the new path you’ve taken. Through our work together, you benefit from a higher degree of success. Your road to a better you deserves a guiding hand.

Seeing your progress

As time moves on, it’s important that you measure your progress and stay motivated. My role in your journey is to reinforce your efforts to make positive changes in your life. Transformation benefits greatly from support during transitions to ensure success and your ultimate happiness.

Living authentically

Why should we work together? The best evidence that I can offer you is quickly revealed though the better version of yourself that emerges from your journey. Seeing the result of the hard work you’ve undertaken will invigorate you for every day that follows.

Let’s solve what’s holding you back

Book a no-obligation, free discovery meeting with me, and let’s discuss how I can help you get to the root of your problem.

It’s time to create a better version of you!

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