About Me

“Have you ever felt like nobody was there?
… forgotten, like you could disappear?”

Lyrics from: “You Will Be Found”

Bullied as a child, I accepted that it was easier to hide and avoid than to confront my bullies. This avoidance persisted into adulthood. Instead of facing my fears head-on, I piled on layers of “armour” to shield my vulnerabilities.

Avoiding my issues, along with my constant need for perfectionism, didn’t bring me any relief. It gradually obliterated my self-confidence. I had no idea that to live a life free of guilt and shame, I’d have to revisit the past and deal with what I’d gotten so good at avoiding.

Entering safe spaces where I could be myself preoccupied my daydreams.

Over time, my avoidance and perfectionism lead me to become:

  • FRUSTRATED with my (perceived) shortcomings;
  • EXHAUSTED with my countless failures;
  • EXHAUSTED with the many ways I’d self-sabotage;
  • RESIGNED to live an unfulfilling life;
  • HELD BACK by over-generalizing and jumping to conclusions;
  • FEARFUL of making most decisions – keeping me stuck;
  • DEFEATED as my brain reinforced negative beliefs with confirmation bias;
  • DISILLUSIONED and, as a result, unable to see the boundless opportunities in front of me;
  • DYSREGULATED every time my “buttons” were pushed.

The thoughts, beliefs and narratives I held onto shaped the way I saw and interacted with the world. Little did I know that these narratives, negative thoughts and beliefs were at the root of my pessimistic mindset, which would act as an anchor that would drag me down. It was only when I recognized the root of these toxic narratives that held me back that I was able to transform them. Then, I was able to regain my self-confidence and self-esteem.

Let’s work together to uncover and weed out your toxic narratives!!

My 90-day program, Your Future Self by DesignTM is a transformative journey designed to help you question the accuracy of the thoughts, beliefs and saboteur-led narratives you rely on as absolute truths.

In the program, we cover:


Set a goal, defining where it begins and ends, and uncover what’s likely to get in your way.


Perform daily “micro” mental workouts to weaken the saboteur region of your brain.


Adjust the way you see and relate to the world, leading you to higher self-confidence.


Develop a powerful, new story for the individual you want to become.


Preparing you to continue your journey after the program concludes.

Why did I become a coach? 

In 2016, during what can be described as a low period in my life, I felt unfulfilled and decided to make major changes. My journey started with a personal development course that transformed my outlook and allowed me to test my newly acquired skills in interactions with close friends and family members. Witnessing the breakthroughs and other positive life changes they achieved inspired me to make a career out of coaching others.

How did I arrive at #TheNakedCoach?

On a sticky summer day, I posted a shirtless video of myself to a Facebook group of business coaches attending a technology workshop. I earned the nickname #TheNakedCoach and it really resonated with me. This was my goal – to help others strip away their layers, question their narratives, and break down their negative beliefs.  In going through this process, my clients allow themselves to become naked, raw, and vulnerable. As they progress through the program, they reveal their authentic version of themselves, free of shame and guilt.

What role does a positive mindset play?

To make positive changes in your life, you must first understand and overcome what’s holding you back, and then you can move forward. If you yearn for a better, happier life, I’m here to tell you that it’s within your grasp. Being a doubter myself, I was challenged to ask myself instead, “What if this works?” Just as I did, you’ll learn that re-wiring your brain isn’t as difficult as it sounds if you are committed to living a happier life. Try a new direction and let go of the burden you carry every day. Embrace your authentic self. C’mon, I (double) dare you!

If any of this resonates with you, let’s chat about how coaching can help you re-wire your brain, rediscover your voice, and rebuild your self-confidence.

“…Cause you’ll reach up and you’ll rise again
If you only look around
You will be found”