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“You are already complete underneath all the layers of stories and limiting beliefs accumulated throughout your life. Like Michelangelo with his David, I’m here to help you chisel away the superfluous so you can break through the barriers holding you back, and finally reveal the masterpiece that you’ve always been.”

– Yannick Picard

Hi, I’m Yannick

Are you ready to transform into the best version of yourself? 

To show up powerfully, with authenticity and confidence? If so, read on!

What I discovered has become the foundation of my 90-day Transformational Program: 

Your Future Self by Design™.




Without any clothes or not covered by anything;

Without covering or clothing; naked; unconcealed; undisguised; uncovered; exposed;

Meaning: When you reveal deep truths about yourself to another person; Unarmed; devoid of defences or disguise.




Vehicle — Transporting a person of value from where they are to where they want to be.

Person — Someone whose job is to help people to improve at a sport, skill, or school subject.

The double meaning of the word “coach” — as a carriage and a sports trainer — illustrates the way a life coach transports others (clients), towards their objectives with the greatest chance of success, and in a timely and economical manner.


/ˈnākid/ /kōCH/


Person who transports clients.

Person who helps clients remove the layers of limiting/negative beliefs and helps unravel the “stories” we tell ourselves about who we are.

Person who can help you identify your true self and the way forward you want to travel to live your best life.

Person who has shed their armour and helps others achieve this level of freedom and “badassedness“.


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Raw and Naked

Discover important insights that can help you break through your limiting beliefs, myths and stories you’ve told yourself were true.


I’d like to thank my clients for choosing to work with me. It’s an honour to assist you in your journey, and to contribute positively to your personal greatness. And a special thank you for these kind words.

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